About us

The team consists of highly qualified professional and dedicated members with more than 10 years of experience Handling Tensile membrane structures. The design team has members who have been educated and trained in Europe and have Worked on both Simple small structure and also large complicated structures. The detailing team has members who have worked on projects of varying compilations and producing drawings which are easy to read and understand paying attention to detail. The fabrication team has members who have vast experience in handling membrane and take utmost care to ensure precision and excellent quality of work. The installation team has members who are capable of installing membrane structures of any size at any height with great control and planning ensuring a totally wrinkle-free ideally pre-stressed tensile structure.

Undertaking: The company has adopted a high-quality Policy where in quality checks are conducted at ecery stage to ensure a final output which is elegant, wrinklc free safe, durable, visualy pleasing and acceptable to both the client and architect.


A successful tensile structure consists of the following stages:

  • Concept and visualization
  • Analysis of tensile structure
  • Design of the supporting structure
  • Generation of membrane cutting Patterns, detailing of supporting structure and membrane fixing details
  • Installation and finishing of the tensile membrane structure
  • Handover of the tensile membrane structure
  • Maintenance of the tensile membrane structure

Projects Completed – 

  • National Railway Academy, Vadodara
  • Nyati Group, Pune
  • Goel Ganga Group, Pune
  • Govardhani Construction, Mumbaí
  • .Shardha Group, Pune
  • Hira Developers, Pune
  • Wel P.V.T Ltd. , Nagpur
  • .Tanisha Associated, Pune
  • J.R. Group , Mumbai
  • .Latigrace Pvt. Ltd. ,Ahmadabad
  • Hiraoka Builders, Mumbai
  • Masterline Oil Company, Jalgaon
  • Atria Mall Worli Mumbai
  • Manda Mehetre, Dahisar, Mumbai
  • Rajendra Suri Trading Company, Sangali
  • Nigdi Bhekrai Nagar Electric Bus Depo
  • IGW PV.T Ltd. Alandi
  • LS Mehetre Builder, Pune
  • Hotel Bird Valley, Puñe
  • Tejas Pooja Associate, Dhayari, Pune
  • Pune Bhekrai Nagar Electric Bus Depo
  • John Deere, Shikrapur, Pune
  • Sarnath Buildtech Pvt. Ltd, Sanand, Gujrat
  • Samarth Builder, Pune
  • Bhandari Associate
  • Bishan Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai
  • Amrut Garden, Shemnewadi, Karnatak
  • Anant Agriculture Research and Training Inc, Ahmadabad and More ………