Tensile Structure

Tensile structures are most widely recognized kind of thin shell structures. The tensile structures are best suitable for the places, which are open like garden, restaurants, hotels, shopping center, sport stadium etc. The term tensile structure is used to refer the construction of roofs, which is made of steel cables.


Base Fabric : 100% Polyester

Yarm : 100 dtex

Weave  : Panama Weave

Total Weight : 900 g/m

Lacquering: Patented Weldable Fluomax PVDF Lacquer

Special Feature : Low Wicking


Breaking Strength (warp/ weft) : 4300/ 4200 N/Scm

Tear Strength(warp/ weft) : 600/500 N

Adhesion :  120 N/Scm

Temperature Resistance : -30°C/+70’c